Academic staff

Sylvain FREOUR

Assistant Professor research activities within the Institut de recherche en Génie-Civil et Mécanique (GeM: Research Institute for Mechanics and Civil-Engineering), precisely in the so-called "Etat Mécanique et Microstructure" (Mechanical States and Microstructure) team. teaching in the "Mesures-Physiques" (Metrology and Science) department of Saint-Nazaire "Institut Universitaire de Technology" (Universitary Institute of Technology)

Contact details

Institut de Recherche en Génie-Civil et Mécanique - UMR CNRS 6183 37, Boulevard de l'université 44602 Saint-Nazaire France

0272648759 (n° interne : 478759)

Taught academic discipline(s)

Metrology, Materials Science, Mechanics

Research topics

Multi-scale analysis of the multi-physical behaviour of heterogeneous materials, such as multi-phase bulk polycrystals, metal-matrix composites, organic matix composites and thin solid films.

Activities / Resume

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The list of the many co-authors of my scientific publications: co-authors

Associate professors teach a lot in France. My activities as a teacher are described here:  Teaching activities

The description of the various PhD thesis I was involved into can be found here: PhD.

Additional informations

Since 2008 I was awarded the PEDR, as an acknowledgement of my research activities.