Thank you for contemplating or having chosen the IUT of Saint Nazaire, part of the University of Nantes, as your study destination.We are happy to  welcome more than 60 international foreign students and will do our best to make your stay with us as comfortable and enriching as possible.

Please come join us and....

.Become part of a community of more than 1500 students , 135 teachers and researchers from 4 laboratories.

.Study at Undergraduate and Bachelor (Licences professionnelles) levels within the fields of technical sciences , technology , logistics, transports and business techniques. (see below)

.Discover a professional and industry- oriented teaching environment, where you will:

    - Work in small groups and easily get to know your classmates and teachers.

    - Get hands-on experience and work on scientific and practical team projects.

    - Collaborate with the professional world and do a minimum of a 10-week- internship .
    - Have the opportunity to study or do your internship abroad .

.Be offered support classes in French, English and computing

.Enjoy a human-sized, quiet and friendly campus-life environment just a couple of kilometers from the beach. Student accommodation  is available on campus and the city centre is close , easily and quickly reached with public transport.

Nantes and Paris are respectively 40 minutes and 3 hours away by train.

.Practice  cultural activities and  dozens of sports, especially on Thursday afternoons when there are no classes.

Our Undergraduate, two-year Degrees:

     DUT Chemical Engineering - Process Engineering (GCGP)

     DUT Civil Engineering - Sustainable Construction (GCCD)

     DUT Industrial Engineering and Maintenance          (GIM)

     DUT Logistics and Transport Management              (GLT)

     DUT Physical Measurements                                     (MP)

     DUT Business and Marketing Techniques                                       (TC)

(all our courses are in FRENCH except for some English-taught Physical Measurements classes)

*DUT: Diplôme Universitaire de Technologie

Our Professional Degrees/Bachelors

 Building and Construction Trades:

- Expert in Technical Diagnostics of Real Estate and Building Pathologies

- Maintenance and Rehabilitation of Buildings

Building and Civil Engineering Trades: Public works

- Management of Public Works Projects

Purchasing and Supply Management :

- Industrial and Logistics Purchasing Activity

Boating and Boating Professions :

- Nautical Commercial Framework

Technical-Commercial professions:

- Technical Sales Representative in small and medium-sized companies or industries

Instrumentation, Measurement and Quality Control Professions:

- Sensors, Instrumentation and Metrology

Industry Professions: Naval and Maritime Industry

- Naval and nautical engineering

Industry Professions: Aeronautics Industry

- Management of Improvement Projects

Logistics and International transport:

- Industrial Partnerships

- Multimodal Transport

Maintenance and Technology: Maintenance Organization

- Operation & Maintenance Manager of Offshore Wind Turbines

- Maintenance Services Management

Process Control and Design:

- IT for Processes: design, control and management

(all our courses are in FRENCH)

Application: To apply, exchange and independent students will have to go through the University of Nantes website:


(but please keep in mind that our courses take place at the Saint-Nazaire Campus)

Your contact persons at the IUT:

Head of International Relations:                                          Administrative Coordinator:

Béatrice Legeais                                                                   Christelle Leblanc

Telephone: +33 2 40 17 86 45                                              +33 2 40 17 86 19

Mail :